Friday, April 28, 2017

Research Post 10: Bibliography and Abstract


This essay will delve into the topic of Greek life and take an in depth analytical view as to how greek life can benefit students both during and after college. In addition to this, this paper will examine Pierre Bourdieu’s, “The forms of Capital”, and explain how Greek life fosters the accumulation of various forms of Capital over time. Continuing forward, the body of the paper will examine undergraduate life and the differences between students who may be predisposed to greek life, compared to those who may not, and how various factors will influence students participation in Greek life. Next, the paper will address a comprehensive statistical analysis of both small and large data sets, analyzing a case study as to the ways of which Greek life is beneficial. After understanding everything up to this point, the paper will delve into a counter-argument which functions to explain the negative aspects of Greek life, as well as costs to the individual. The essay ends with a summation of the main argument and implications of what will happen in the future.


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